How do I return or exchange my item?

If you like to send us your item to this address via second class recorded delivery with details of your exchange or refund and we'll issue a gift voucher for 2x the shipping amount for any future orders!

WAWWA Clothing
102 Pollard Yard
15 Pollard Street East
M40 7QX

Make sure the item is packaged with original packaging if possible. If not, seal the item in a separate bag to the outer packaging and keep away from the shipping receipt (it can get a little messy when it’s thrown about!). If you could make a note on the shipping receipt of the action you would like required that would be great!

Please take a photo of your receipt when it's on its way and we will issue a refund when the item has arrived at our warehouse. 

All items will need to be received within 30 days of the item being purchased. 

If the items are not in their original condition, then we may only be able to issue a partial refund. 

Let us know if you have any more questions at hi@wawwa.co