Recycled Drake Overshirt - Denim

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Our Drake Over-shirt was a true labour of love, having been designed and made completely in house. Over 200 hours of work went into making the first sample of this shirt. It's a work of beauty as a result and a staple in all wardrobes no matter what style.

The Drake features a custom cut with dropped shoulders. Constructed from 100% Organic Twill and designed with 2 Torso pockets for easy accessibility. This is brought together by Corozo Nut buttons. Made in Manchester, UK by our In-House factory.

- Made in the UK, by our Manchester In-House factory -
- No waste Square Cut pockets -
- 100% G.O.T.S Organic Cotton -
- Custom Cut and Sew fit -
- Corozo Nut buttons -

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