Recycled Fisher Black

Recycled Fisher Black

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- 1 Hat Donated For Every Hat Bought -
- 100% Recycled Yarn -
-Classic Fisher beanie fit -
- Made in Manchester -
-  Recycled Polyester Brand Label -
Use the organ inside of your head to make a sensible decision for your head, by treating yourself to one of our lovely Recycled Yarn Beanies. Given that you lose 45% of your body heat from your head (a fact I learnt during a swimming lesson when I was 8), it's essential to keep it tucked away.

Made from GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester, the yarn is spun in a Spanish factory that is powered by solar energy. The cotton proportion is taken from pre-consumer waste and the polyester from recycled plastic bottles. 

There are numerous people that can't afford to keep warm at this time of year and need to retain as much body heat as possible. We want to help them do so. For every item purchased from our 1+1 collection, we donate another to those who are in need. 

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